HomeUncategorizedReport: Creating New Scottish National Parks Could “Pump Millions of Pounds into Rural Economies”

A report released by the Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) and the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) concludes that the creation of new national parks in Scotland would likely provide significant economic benefits to local communities.

According to the Press and Journal (Aberdeen, UK),

SCNP chairman Ross Anderson said: “There is compelling evidence from other countries that national parks stimulate much-needed economic activity to help sustain remoter rural areas. We urge the Scottish Government to sit up and take notice of our findings.”

The report, titled The Socio-economic Benefits of New National Park Designations in Scotland, includes a review of

four international case studies, in Norway, New Zealand, Wales and Poland, where National Parks have been shown to have brought a clear socio-economic benefit to their local rural areas.

The two organizations are urging the Scottish government to make the creation of new national parks a high priority. In their 2013 report, Unfinished Business: A National Parks Strategy for Scotland, the groups identified seven outstanding areas that have potential for national park designation. They are pointing to the findings of their just-released study as more evidence that the time has come for action on a new national parks agenda.

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