A growing number of citizen groups across the country are proposing new and expanded National Park System units. A few examples are listed below. For more information, contact the sponsoring organization for each park proposal

Area: Ancient Forest (California, Oregon)
Sponsor: Campaign for Ancient Forest National Park

Area: Atchafalaya (Louisiana)
Sponsor: Sierra Club Acadian Group

Area: Driftless Rivers (Iowa, Wisconsin)
Sponsor: Driftless Rivers National Park Foundation

Area: Fort Monroe (Virginia)
Sponsor: Save Fort Monroe Network

Area: Giant Sequoia (California)
Sponsor: Save America’s Forests and Sequoia ForestKeeper

Area: Glen Canyon (Utah)
Sponsor: Glen Canyon Institute

Area: Golden Gate (California)
Sponsor: Wild Equity

Area: High Allegheny (West Virginia)
Sponsor: Friends of Blackwater

Area: Ice Age (Wisconsin)
Sponsor: Ice Age Trail Alliance

Area: Maine Woods (Maine)
Sponsor: RESTORE: The North Woods

Area: Mobile-Tensaw Delta (Alabama)
Sponsor: Friends of the Delta

Area: Mount Hood (Oregon)
Sponsor: Mount Hood National Park Campaign

Area: North Cascades (Washington)
Sponsor: American Alps Legacy Project

Area: Ocmulgee (Georgia)
Sponsor: Ocmulgee National Park & Preserve Initiative

Area: Palomar-Waheto (California)
Sponsor: California Chaparral Institute

Area: Santa Ana-Grizzly Bear (California)
Sponsor: California Chaparral Institute